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HIKING and walking

There are over 300 km of footpaths in the area around Veysonnaz, and further excellent opportunities for more challenging tours in the high mountains. The walks take you through pristine, unspoiled nature: in Veysonnaz, the flora, fauna and even the pasture are all protected.

Walking along the 'Bisses'

The battle between the Valais people and the natural elements has a long and rich history. The need to control irrigation by farmers gave rise to numerous irrigation canals in the Valais canton. Built on hillsides or set in rock walls, these snakelike waterways trace a route along sheer cliffs, threading their way through vineyards or penetrating deep into the valley. Bordered by stony paths, these indefatigable guides will lead you to the most authentic sites, through larch forests or to the banks of wonderful mountain lakes.

This system of irrigation was born of the determination of the farmers to eliminate the consequences of drought. It was therefore necessary to branch water from rivers and torrents, to divert them artificially to irrigate land passing along the mountainsides, adapting the construction of these "canals" to the tormented relief, sometimes rocky, sometimes soft and crumbly.

The "Bisse de Vex", a traditional open irrigation channel (or "Suone") typical of the Valais and dating from the 15th century, has been extensively restored for 12 km of its length and the water is flowing once again. These "Suonen" give some idea of the concerns local people had about water, and nowadays provide pleasant walks with no great differences in altitude, but mostly with fantastic views.